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Young Leader Program

Leadership starts with deep reflection and understanding

The Young Leader program, a year-long leadership experience, begins with a three-week summer intensive (camp) for sixteen young Israeli and Palestinian women.

Brought together for the first time outside of the conflict, the young women engage in transformational dialogue sessions and creative workshops that allow them to share their personal experiences, practice compassionate listening, and build an understanding of their peers from the “other side.” By working with these small, close-knit groups of women who are united by a shared purpose, we believe a deeper, more lasting impact is possible.

As feelings of hate and fear shift to feelings of empathy and respect, this personal and emotional growth lays the foundation for our Young Leaders to feel fully empowered to partner as leaders and create an impact in their communities.

Leadership continues with a commitment to change

After completing the summer intensive, the Young Leaders’ training is put into practice as they return home to an environment of conflict. With a shared commitment to peace and partnership, they continue to deepen their communication and leadership skills together for the remainder of the year, engaging in seminars and workshops that reinforce the emotional and practical foundations learned during the summer. This ongoing mentorship and guidance is critical to maintaining the spirit and hope for social justice our young women are working towards.


Spokesperson, Social and Political Activist

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Social Entrepreneur, Human Rights Lawyer, and Mediator

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Social Change Agent, Facilitator, and Educator

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Social Justice Advocate 

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Young Leader Global Impact

Our graduates share a lifelong commitment to peace, social justice, and advocacy, and continue to create change well beyond the end of the program in a multitude of ways by:

Pursuing professional careers in journalism, education, human rights, law, and government 

Leading creative workshops for youth in the US, Palestine, and Israel in communication, conflict resolution, and leadership

Bringing advocacy and social justice to a local and global stage by spearheading projects for peace in their communities and speaking internationally at economic and government forums, conferences, universities, and more, about their personal journeys and dedication to transforming conflict

Championing the importance of person-to-person connections, female leaders, and social equity through award-winning essays, articles, and work in the media