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Young Leader Program

Leadership begins with courage

Compassionate dialogue. Therapeutic art. Transformational connections.

Sixteen Israeli and Palestinian young women come together for an empowering, healing, and immersive three-week summer camp in the majestic mountains of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Through life-altering dialogue sessions and creative art workshops, the young women have a safe space to:

-Share personal stories and histories
-Learn compassionate listening, authentic speaking, and leadership skills
-Gain an understanding of their peers living drastically different life experiences

Leadership continues with a commitment to change

Camp is just the beginning.

The Young Leaders return home to the Middle East and build on those foundations of compassion and leadership. Over the course of a year, the young women reunite for four in-depth weekend seminars and workshops.

Young Leader Global Impact


  • Activist/lobbyist for refugees and migrants
  • Strike organizer protesting violence against women
  • Named Forbes “30 Influential Under 30”

Read about Dror's activism


  • Human rights lawyer
  • Working to bring negotiations skills to Middle East leaders
  • Sponsored by the Harvard Negotiation Project

Read about Mai's unique childhood


  • Founded preschool for Arab & Jewish kids
  • Dialogue facilitator
  • Studying to become school counselor

Read about Sivan's innovative school


  • Political analyst for Arab countries and Israel
  • Advocate and speaker on peace work
  • Studied international relations and conflict resolution

Read about Deema's lifelong friendships