About Us

Leadership grows from within

Founded in 2003 out of the realization that it only takes one person to change history, this vision holds true today: we believe that when equipped with the tools, skills, and confidence to lead, the power of just one extraordinary woman can transform conflict with strength and compassion. Read our Statement of Philosophy here

Our Approach

We focus on three pillars of support and engagement to prepare the next generation of women leaders.

A strong emotional foundation

Leadership training begins by creating opportunities for personal and emotional growth. Through intensive dialogues, compassionate listening and creative expression, feelings of hatred and fear are broken down to pave the way for mutual respect, cultural understanding, and a heightened awareness of self. 

The skills to lead

We equip our young women with the practical tools needed to confidently lead, as individuals and collaboratively as partners. Young Leaders practice public speaking, engage in group facilitation, and leadership opportunities to become skilled communicators and powerful agents for change.

Creating societal impact

We facilitate opportunities for our Senior Young Leaders to inspire action in others and share their experiences of peace-building locally and globally through outreach to teens, adults, government leaders, and organizations.

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