(October 31) Shake it up with Shakshouka - Online Cooking Class

Grab your apron (and a carton of eggs) & let’s get cracking!

Nothing brings people together like food. Please join us for an international virtual cooking class. We’re making Shakshouka, a delicious vegetarian dish made of eggs, tomatoes, and spices.

Come join our friends at MEJDI Tours–Israeli Kim Passy-Yoseph in her Tel Aviv kitchen, along with her Palestinian co-chef Aziz Abu Sarah. Together, they’ll teach us cultrual variation of this traditional and popular meal.

$50/family OR or for $100 you’ll receive a beautiful complimentary Tomorrow’s Women apron!

(September 26) A Window into Camp

For the very first time, our Jewish and Palestinian campers united together in the West Bank for two weeks of transformational dialogue, therapeutic art workshops, and even a little fun!

We welcome you to join a moderated conversation led by Tomorrow’s Women Executive Director Tarrie Burnett, as she guides us through the journey of Summer Camp 2021. We’ll hear from camp staff, both Palestinian and Jewish, about the meaningful memories created at this year’s camp session, as well as the daunting circumstances surrounding it. Fresh off the heels of the recent deadly and divisive escalation, and amidst a global pandemic, our courageous young women embarked upon an impactful and bonding experience of a lifetime. Now, the staff and Senior Young Leaders want to share it with you.

(August 28) Compassionate Listening Workshop

Compassionate Listening is at the core of our programs and it reaches deep into the heart of connection, teaching us to listen with a different “ear” to those around us. Its powerful tools help transform the energy of conflict into opportunities for understanding, intimacy at home, healthy relationships, productive teamwork, and positive action.

(July 31) Salaam~Shalom

Our supporters heard directly from the 2021 campers, speaking live, from our unprecedented camp taking place in the Middle East near Bethlehem.

They were joined by Senior Young Leaders, sharing stories of peace amidst the recent violence and continued unrest.

This virtual event was free and open to the public. Please consider making a donation in support of our fundraising goal of $10,000 for the evening. Proceeds will go directly to the Young Leader program and additional training opportunities for these brave young women.

(July 10) Pieces of Peace: Area C

Our first session of Pieces of Peace was be held on July 10th at 11am MDT on the theme of Area C and the landscapes of the conflict in the West Bank. Co-led by Ameera, TW Program Coordinator based in the West Bank, and Sarah Perle, facilitator, educator, and storyteller based in Israel, this session addressed the physical and geographical realities of the conflict and how they impact different individuals and groups, including how they impact our participants and programs this year.

(June 9) Community Book Read

TW invites you to join our community book read on Wednesday, June 9th at 6pm MT! The book selected is a New York Times bestselling novel, Apeirogon, by Colum McCann. This is a moving story about an unexpected friendship between two fathers from opposing sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The event was hosted by Board Member, Lamia Faruki and Executive Director, Tarrie Burnett.

We hope to have more community book reads in the future. If you would like to suggest a book, email: [email protected]!

(March 8) International Women's Day Event: Global Voices for Peace

Join TW and distinguished guest speakers – Andrea Romero New Mexico House of Representatives, and Heidi Basch-Harod executive director of Women’s Voices Now with our Young Leaders, Diala, Sivan, and Shams, and Peace Ambassador Anna Knight where we will discuss this year’s United Nations Women’s Day theme, “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world” through their personal stories and experiences.