Alumnae Opportunity

Camp Senior Young Leader

This program offers four distinguished graduates of the Young Leader Program the opportunity to return to camp as Senior Young Leaders, offering guidance to the campers, support to camp staff and facilitators, and engaging in public speaking events. Once selected, these alumnae receive pre-camp leadership training from our team in Israel and Palestine and travel to Santa Fe with the campers as chaperones. Their duties during the three-week camp include attending dialogue sessions, assisting staff in providing emotional support to campers, planning fun evening activities for the group, and supporting house facilitators in building a safe environment for the young women to connect and bond. During their stay in Santa Fe, these rising young leaders also receive public speaking coaching to create 3–4 minute narratives about their experiences as peacebuilders and changemakers. The transformative talks are then shared with the Santa Fe community at public events and gatherings in conjunction with camp reaching hundreds of individuals annually.

I believe that you can do something extraordinary. And if you have the opportunity to work on your gifts, it seems like a crime not to. It is a limitation to quit because something becomes too hard and that’s what Tomorrow’s Women taught us, we don’t quit, we evolve and we rise until we shine.

– Diala ‘22 Camp Senior Young Leader