Alumnae Opportunity

Community of Practice

Beyond Wars and Walls: Young Palestinian Women Unite

A first-of-its-kind community of practice specifically for young female peace activists from Gaza, the West Bank and Palestinians living in Israel. Building on the enormous promise our alumnae bring to peacemaking and increasing their capacity to focus on some of the key barriers to their long-term participation in activism. The goal of this uni-national initiative is to build capacity toward coexistence and bi-national encounters.


3-weekend retreats for up to 100 unique activists (prioritizing TW Alumnae) that will include:
• Further leadership and public speaking training
• Feedback sessions on future project ideas
• Emotional resiliency training
• Listening circles/written surveys
• Structured/unstructured social time


• One self-governed community of practice for young female Palestinian peace activists
• A baseline of data for this key demographic
• A published community needs assessment to document and highlight some of the barriers faced
• Community presentations (in-person and virtual) with key stakeholders to share the results