Alumnae Opportunity

Advanced Leadership Initiative

Social entrepreneurial training and support for young local peace activists in Israel & Palestine

Palestinian and Jewish women join together in the West Bank for a weekend yoga retreat and emotional resilience workshop. This is one of the latest ALI social justice projects cross-border teams create and implement, activating their newly learned leadership and communication training to positively impact their communities.

"Everyone's hearts opened. We were all crying, cries of pain and difficulty, and at the same time, cries of excitement, togetherness, and knowing the good that there can be. I came to teach yoga, but left full of inspiration and love for our power as women to change reality together."

– Keren Kestenband, retreat yoga teacher

REAL IMPACT on the ground

  • Advanced Leadership Initiative participants work on proposals for cross-border projects and compete for micro-grants provided by Tomorrow’s Women to bring grassroots peacebuilding projects to life.
  • Empowering the next generation of female leaders through direct action, effective leadership, and deep and lasting impact.
  • Through workshops, seminars, dialogue, and mentorship, program participants utilize compassion and strength to transform their communities.

Check out more ALI projects to see how participants are using their micro-grants, and the profound differences they’re making:

Helping vulnerable Palestinian women get through checkpoints Palestinian women attend an intense Hebrew language class so they can more effectively and confidently communicate with Israeli security and navigate the judicial process. These language skills can make the difference between them feeling safe and feeling defenseless.

Environmentalist creates a renewable energy system at a local, woman-run ecological farm The operation converts organic waste into methane gas, which is then used to power an outdoor kitchen stove.

Program Information

Online Application

Applications are now closed for 2024.

For more information, please contact Noa Ma’ayan at or Ameera at

Participant Criteria

Women with previous encounter experience between the ages of 18-29 passionate about social change and peacemaking who are motivated to build their leadership skills by working in teams to implement projects that make a positive impact in their communities


  • Three participants/groups will receive grants of up to 1,200 USD (~3,842 NIS) to implement their projects.

This program is partially funded by our partner Global Affairs Canada.