Creativity for Peace is now Tomorrow's Women

For nearly twenty years, the mission of our organization has been rooted in the empowerment of young women, leadership, and peace-building. Our dedication to an ambitious vision of a just, equitable, and peaceful future in Israel and Palestine is shared by many. What sets us apart is our unparalleled dedication to supporting the role women play in shaping this vision of a better tomorrow. To acknowledge and align with our core mission, we are thrilled to share our new look and name: Tomorrow’s Women.

Creativity for Peace began with a powerful vision by Rachel Kaufman, Anael Harpaz, and Debra Sugerman in 2003, and was realized and nurtured by Dottie Indyke for the last twelve years. The passion of these women established the foundation we stand on as we take our ambitious next step as an organization.

In our new design, you’ll find lines that connect our young women, symbolic of the partnering we cultivate in our Young Leaders—a hallmark of the program that we want to celebrate. Through intensive dialogue sessions and collaborative creative expression, our Young Leaders break down feelings of hatred and fear to pave the way for understanding. This self-reflection is the foundation for future growth and allows them to understand that their peers on the other side are more similar to themselves than they could ever imagine. The lines seek to visualize this brave act of personal growth and connection. 

You’ll also notice that our Young Leaders are front and center—the impact that we have could not happen without their courage to lead. We are inspired by their dedication and strength, and it is paramount to showcase and elevate their voices—voices that are so often repressed and left unheard. I invite you to read about our distinguished Senior Young Leaders—Mai, Dror, Deema, and Sivan. They are the promise of change. They are Tomorrow’s Women.

We are energized and committed to doing more and we are so grateful to our growing Tomorrow’s Women community who stand with us and believe that peace is an attainable goal.