20th Anniversary

Twenty years ago, Rachel Kaufman, Anael Harpaz, and Debra Sugerman dreamed of peace in Israel and Palestine. They believed that the decades of violence and conflict would never end if left to politicians and governments. Importantly, they also believed that empowered young women had the greatest chance of creating peace, justice, and equality in the region. In 2003, Creativity for Peace, now Tomorrow’s Women, was born. As we welcome this new year, please join us in celebrating our 20th anniversary in all its significance. We have a full year of activities planned that honor our past, commemorate our present, and eagerly anticipate the future.

20th Anniversary Events

Join us in New York, California, Santa Fe, or online for a wonderful selection of educational, inspiring and fun events in 2023!

20th Anniversary Honorary Committee

We are grateful to all those who have made Tomorrow’s Women the successful organization that it is today! See below for a list of founders, leaders, volunteers and funders who have built this organization and those who have continued to support it through the years.